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ECODEAL - Integral Management of Industrial Waste, SA is a company that operates in the environment area, namely in waste management and provides the following services:

  • Comprehensive management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste;
  • Contaminated soil treatment;
  • Management of environmental liabilities.

ECODEAL holds the operating license for the integrated hazard recovery, recovery and disposal center - CIRVER ECODEAL, located in the municipality of Chamusca, assuming itself as a specialist in hazardous waste management.

In accordance with the legislation on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control, ECODEAL was granted TUA 2018.

CIRVER ECODEAL has come to guarantee a national solution of final destination, for the treatment of hazardous waste, technologically and economically evolved, in compliance with the principle of self-sufficiency in the country, in terms of hazardous waste management.

The industrial unit is located in the Eco-Parque do Relvão, in the municipality of Chamusca.

The facility has waste treatment units: Classification, Sorting and Transfer Unit, Soil Decontamination Unit, Unit of Contaminated Packaging Recovery, Organic Waste Treatment Unit, Alternative Fuel Preparation Unit from hazardous waste, Physical-Chemical Treatment Unit, Stabilization Unit and Landfill for Industrial Waste. The laboratory has the function of ensuring the correct characterization of the waste, prior to its admission to the installation and its internal routing after receipt.

Certificates of Integrated Management Systems for Quality,
Environment and Safety

Certificação ISO 45001
AENOR Empresa Certificada
AENOR Gestão Ambiental
IQNET Certificado


The ECODEAL consortium, led by the Spanish company Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC) and the Portuguese company Quimitécnica Ambiente (currently Quimitécnica - Investimentos e Participações, SGPS, S.A.) led the race for the construction and operation of an integrated centre for the recovery and disposal of hazardous waste (CIRVER) in Portugal in the public tender launched by the Portuguese government, the result of which was announced in early 2005.


ECODEAL – Gestão Integral of waste industriais, SA is currently owned by: 





Ecodeal Cirver


4th of June 2008

The total investment amounts to

32 million EUR

Waste treatment capacity of about

200.000 t/year

Between 2008 and 2016, two more landfill cells were built, cell 4 and cell 2,
respectively, since the landfill exploration has a phased operation.


ECODEAL is a reference unit in the treatment of industrial waste and in the relationship with its employees, customers, suppliers and the surrounding community.

In the treatment of industrial waste, ECODEAL uses the best available techniques in order to satisfy the needs of the client and interested parties, ensuring respect for the safety of employees, the installation and the Eco-Park where we operate.

We promote sustainable development, with respect for the environment and privileging recycling and recovery.


We provide industrial waste treatment using the best available techniques to satisfy clients and other relevant stakeholders needs. We also seek to ensure respect for the safety of the employees of the installation and the EcoParque where we operate. We promote sustainable development with respect for the environment and favouring recycling and recovery.


To be a reference unit in industrial waste treatment and the relationship with employees, customers, suppliers and the surrounding community.


Together we make things grow

"Sustainable synergies" feeds on the premise of the importance of partnerships, the environmental future, the importance of waste management for sustainability and preservation of the environment, where the win-win model is present in this promise.

Sustainability requires this same balance of roles, movements and consciousness in an activity with such a direct relationship with the environment and its preservation, thus appealing to the safe management of the environment.

More than the promise of sustainable solutions that quickly becomes indistinguishable, in a market where environmental responsibility policies are common and increasingly present in the companies' promises, ECODEAL will be the company that promises to establish sustainable synergies.

This promise ensures that the ECODEAL customer not only complies with the law but will help simplify all the processes inherent to the collection, recovery or disposal of the waste he produces by becoming more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

ECODEAL embodies the following values in the relationship with our customers:


ECODEAL has a close relationship with all customers and is available to assist them in any matter. This proximity makes us an informal company that pays our clientes a lot of attention. Relationships are the differentiating factor that provide huge support to our client base.


ECODEAL defends environmental security as the basis for the management of all processes and operations in which we are involved. As part of our activity and as the holder of the CIRVER, we play a key role in the recovery and elimination of hazardous waste entrusted to us for environmental sustainability and preservation. Safety is therefore an intrinsic value to our activity and culture.


ECODEAL makes everything simpler, easier to understand and to do. Simplicity is an attitude, both in processes and in the form of communication. When customers need a solution, we look for ways to simplify the treatment to handle their issues.


In order to satisfy our customers, shareholders, employees and the proper functioning of Ecodeal, our activity is governed by 6 general principles for the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the integrated management system:


Services intended to satisfy all customer requirements as well as compliance with all legal, contractual and regulatory requirements applicable to the activity.


Continuous improvement in terms of technology, in the service provided, in the environment with the prevention of pollution and in the prevention of the safety and health of our employees.


Involvement of employees, customers and suppliers drive our company daily. A preventive culture, focusing on proper training of employees and their active participation, allows us to commit to preventing injuries and health disorders and continuous improvement of working conditions with respect for the safety, health and well being of all involved.


Promotion of communication in all directions, both internally and externally.


The technical and human potential, combined with the versatility of our facilities, allows us to adapt our business to our customers’ needs in terms of industrial waste treatment.


A responsible attitude towards the environment and employees:

  • Towards employees by investing in training according to labour needs and their suggestions for improvement of the workplace;
  • Towards the environment in a sustainable development perspective acting in a responsible, coherent and demanding manner, identifying and assessing possible impacts generated by our activities.


Manuel Simões 
(General Director)

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