Technical Services for Waste Management

Technical Services for Waste Management

Do you need help managing hazardous waste produced by your industry or company? ECODEAL offers different solutions. We can be responsible for the entire process or go to your company to optimize and improve waste management operations.

What are the Technical Services for Waste Management?

The management of hazardous waste includes the collection, recovery, and treatment or disposal of waste.

When these dangerous substances are handled improperly, they can result in serious problems for public health and the environment.

For this reason, it is essential to use a specialized service for this purpose.

Failure to comply with environmental rules results in heavy fines and other long-term impacts.

Advantages of correct hazardous waste management

Waste management brings environmental benefits because it saves natural resources.

It also has social advantages because it allows your company to operate in harmony with the surrounding population and create a positive image for society.

Production with more environmental care also brings some economic incentives, such as:

  • Improvement in product quality;
  • Improvement of the company's reputation with society and respective governments;
  • Reduction of the amount of waste.

One of the current challenges is to give a final (and adequate) destination to the waste resulting from industrial and business activity. ECODEAL is the answer to this need.

Hire our Specialized Technical Services for Waste Management.

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Why should you choose ECODEAL?

The services provided by ECODEAL are not limited to ECODEAL’s CIRVER.

We provide hazardous waste management solutions to our clients, as a way to ensure an appropriate response.

Our company has specialized professionals who can go to your company for technical support services, such as:

  • Waste transfer operations using a pump;
  • Tank loading operations;
  • Repackaging of waste in pallets, boxes, among other options, so that transport operations are carried out in safe conditions;
  • Cargo tracking and legal documentation, namely Waste tracking Manifest and Transportation Manifests;
  • Place proper and duly labeled packages/containers to each type of residues. 

Whenever requested, ECODEAL can manage its clients' waste park by placing specialized professionals with specific training.

Certificates of Integrated Management Systems for Quality,
Environment and Safety

Certificação ISO 45001
AENOR Empresa Certificada
AENOR Gestão Ambiental
IQNET Certificado

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FAQ about Specialized Technical Services for Waste Management


Who is responsible for the management of hazardous waste?

According to Decree-Law no. 73/2011, of June 17th, the responsibility for waste management lies with the initial producer of the substances. The costs involved are borne by the owner.


Can I transfer the responsibility for waste management to a partner?

If you choose to work with a waste operator, it means that you transfer the responsibility for correct waste management. Given the nature of the operation and the dangerousness of the substances, this transfer must be made to a company duly licensed for waste collection, transport, treatment, valorization or disposal.


I don't have the resources to manage my company's hazardous waste, what should I do?

Waste management requires infrastructures, specialized technical and human resources. At ECODEAL we offer the possibility to have our technicians visiting your company and helping you.

These professionals assist with legal documentation, waste classification, and also in complex operations such as cisterns transfer and loading.

Just contact ECODEAL, explain the situation and in a short time, you will have an adequate response to your needs.


What kind of waste needs proper treatment?

It is mandatory and responsible to give a correct destination to hazardous waste, due to its dangerousness and its impact on ecosystems and the population’s health.

Hazardous waste is generated by industry, but not only. There are equally harmful domestic and urban residues, such as batteries, paint and solvents, used oils, residues from constructions and many others. The incorrect management of these residues can lead to fines and other sanctions.


What is waste valorization and why is it so important to my company?

Recovery is an example of a circular economy. It is the operation of taking waste and transforming it into products, materials or substances for their original purpose or other purposes.

National and European directives encourage recovery as opposed to disposal or landfill. Industries and companies have economic advantages since they can reuse their waste.

ECODEAL follows and values waste management hierarchy - valorization, treatment and disposal.

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