Environmental Liability Management

Environmental Liability Management

Do you have waste or soils contaminated with dangerous substances and don’t know how to solve the situation? Invest in environmental liability management. ECODEAL has solutions adapted to the needs of each client. We treat contaminated waste and soil resulting from the resolution of environmental liability or we proceed to the remediation and treatment of waste and soil on-site.

What is Environmental Liability Management?

Environmental liability represents the estimated management and rehabilitation cost of contaminated soils. It’s the cost of cleaning up pollution that is caused by the companies activities. This means that organizations have an "environmental debt".

A company has an environmental liability when it damages the ecosystem and does not have a plan to recover the impacts caused. It is an acquired obligation resulting from malpractices.

The accumulation of environmental liabilities results from:

  • Dangerous and abusive use of environmental resources, such as rivers, soils or air, resulting in their pollution;
  • Incorrect management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste - which has not been properly treated in specialized centers.

Contaminated sites, classified as environmental liabilities, are a risk to public health, environment and population’s safety.

All liabilities must have an urgent resolution.

Over the years of activity, ECODEAL has performed the resolution of environmental liabilities in the context of the requalification and/or decontamination of degraded areas.

Environmental Liability Audit

Does your company generate environmental liabilities? If you extract raw materials or generate hazardous or non-hazardous waste, you have several legal obligations to compensate for the environmental impacts.

The same applies if you own or intend to acquire old mining sites or land with abandoned factories. These facilities contain waste contaminated with heavy metals (mercury, lead and others).

To diagnose liabilities, you must:

  • Conduct an environmental inspection;
  • Identify the processes that lead to environmental liabilities;
  • Characterize contaminants and prioritize liabilities that require urgent resolution.

The main objective is to avoid environmental liabilities through the acquisition of more efficient means of production, clean technology and less polluting methods.

At the same time, you must plan a strategy to manage waste and decontaminate soils efficiently - which involves hiring an experienced waste manager, such as ECODEAL.

The Importance of Reducing Environmental Liabilities

Industrial activities usually have an associated environmental cost.

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of resolving their environmental liabilities. At the same time, society and regulators are pressing for the accountability of these organisations.

By avoiding a bad image and negative connotation, your company will be seen as an organisation committed to good environmental protection practices.

As a result:

  • Improves your company's image and credibility;
  • Avoids fines and other penalties for environmental violations;
  • Improves the relationship with the population, government and regulatory bodies;
  • Avoids the payment of compensation or indemnities for resulting damages

Economically, companies also lose commercial value. When the soil is contaminated, it generates environmental liabilities and its value (depreciation) is severely affected.

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Why should you choose ECODEAL?

ECODEAL has an Integrated Center for the Valorization, Treatment and Elimination of Hazardous Waste - CIRVER.

We can:

  • Treat contaminated soils resulting from the resolution of environmental liability;
  • Offer remediation and treatment solutions for your waste and/or soil.

Each in-situ remediation solution presented is fully customised, according to the situation and type of contamination.

The resolution of environmental liabilities is developed by specialised and experienced technicians. Together with the client, we develop the best solution, taking into account the technical and economic aspects, and/or exposing the various possible scenarios for the remediation of the site.

Advantages of Environmental Liability Resolution

The recovery of liabilities may involve reforestation, recovery of degraded areas or the decontamination of abandoned industrial sites.

To avoid these costs, you must act preventively and hire a specialised operator that:

  • Respects the waste hierarchy (favoring its reuse, recycling and valorization, instead of landfilling);
  • Have the infrastructure and specialized personnel for waste treatment, and land decontamination/recovery.

With ECODEAL, all operations are carried out by experienced, competent and properly trained teams.

Certificates of Integrated Management Systems for Quality,
Environment and Safety

Certificação ISO 45001
AENOR Empresa Certificada
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IQNET Certificado

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FAQ about Environmental Liability Management


Can any company manage environmental liability?

Due to the danger associated with many wastes, the resolution of environmental liabilities should be performed by a company duly qualified and experienced in the best solutions and technologies for this purpose, such as ECODEAL.


Does the accumulation of environmental liabilities have economic consequences for my company?

In addition to the environmental impact, your company may be subject to fines and penalties resulting from bad practices in the management of contaminated waste, sludge or soil. The accumulation of environmental liabilities affects your company's reputation and impacts the business value of your organisation or land. It’s a fact that a contaminated property is substantially devalued on the market.


Who is responsible for paying the costs of repairing environmental damage?

The standard follows the polluter pays principle. In accordance with the environmental liability directive, the costs of the preventive and repair measures adopted, are borne by the operator responsible for the imminent threat or environmental damage.


How is the resolution of environmental liabilities done by ECODEAL?

ECODEAL has a CIRVER with the capacity to treat contaminated soil and waste resulting from the resolution of environmental liabilities (ex-situ remediation), but also offers its clients in-situ remediation solutions.

The solution is adapted to each client depending on the situation and the type of contamination. All activities are developed by specialized and experienced professionals, in collaboration with our clients. We always aim to achieve the best cost-benefit ratio.


How to do an environmental liability audit?

The diagnosis requires the identification of the activities of your company that may generate or are already generating environmental liabilities. It is also necessary to classify the type of contaminants through environmental studies and analyzes.

Contaminated waste and soil - which will be subject to treatment and remediation and/or decontamination - must be restrained and treated according to specific rules. Look for a specialized company that can help you in this process.


How can I reduce my company's environmental liability?

One of the most effective ways to reduce environmental liabilities is to correctly manage the produced waste (hazardous and non-hazardous), whether in the commercial, industrial, agricultural or hospital sectors, among others.

If you have contaminated sludge or soil due to the resolution of liabilities, decontamination and/or remediation is the most viable solution, both for the environment and your company's finances.

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