Industrial Cleaning Service

Industrial Cleaning Service

ECODEAL offers a specialized industrial cleaning service, in collaboration with its partners, and further treatment of industrial waste under current legislation. We have the experience and know-how resulting from more than a decade of service in the area of integrated waste management.

What is Industrial Cleaning Service?

Industrial cleaning is the act of cleaning hazardous or non-hazardous waste that results from industrial activities.

The process of disinfection and hygiene is done in workspaces, in industrial areas, but also different types of equipment (such as tanks, containers, basins, among others).

It is a rigorous work that involves specific requirements, such as the use of specialized machines and qualified and trained human resources to deal with potentially harmful waste.

ECODEAL guarantees high-quality standards in all industrial cleaning activities.

Advantages of the Industrial Cleaning Service

The cleaning service guarantees the industrial environment salubrity.

By offering a safe and pollutant-free workspace, your company lowers the risk of contamination and promotes the health and well-being of professionals.

In addition to this commitment, having an industrial cleaning plan allows your company to have economic and environmental benefits, such as:

  • Increases machinery lifetime;
  • Avoids products contamination and waste;
  • Provides a quality environment at the facilities;
  • Avoids environmental contamination scenarios.

In the case of WWTPs, given its activity and the accumulation of products susceptible to generating diseases, it requires frequent cleaning. This is the only way to ensure operation within the appropriate environmental standards. 

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Why should you choose ECODEAL?

ECODEAL, together with several partners, provides industrial cleaning services in ATEX environments (Explosive Atmospheres), treating in CIRVER (Integrated Center for the Recovery, Valorization, and Elimination of Hazardous Waste) the resulting industrial waste.

This way, we can clean equipment, storage and transport materials, as well as:

  • Tanks, basins, and hydrocarbon separators;
  • WWTPs;
  • Among many other industrial equipment.

In cleaning operations performed by ECODEAL:

  • The vehicles used have a high-pressure system, pumps and cisterns;
  • The work is carried out and supervised by employees duly qualified for the purpose;
  • The professionals have the necessary and required experience for the operation, following the safety rules required in each situation.

Degassing certificates are issued for equipment subject to industrial cleaning, whenever applicable.

Certificates of Integrated Management Systems for Quality,
Environment and Safety

Certificação ISO 45001
AENOR Empresa Certificada
AENOR Gestão Ambiental
IQNET Certificado

Fast and efficient Industrial cleaning

At ECODEAL, we understand our client's concerns with the speed of the cleaning procedures.

The cleaning operations plan is structured in order to be fast, yet efficient, minimizing the time and inconvenience associated with the service.

With the integrated waste management service, we continue the process after the cleaning. Industrial waste is subject to appropriate treatment and later, if possible, reused.


After industrial cleaning, the resulting waste is transported to CIRVER ECODEAL, located in Chamusca.

Transport is carried out using appropriate vehicles and driven by professionals with ADR training - whenever applicable and under the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

The transport of hazardous materials is accompanied by all the necessary documentation according to the ruling law.

If you are looking for an experienced company that provides competitive solutions to client’s problems, contact ECODEAL.

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FAQ about Industrial Cleaning


Which companies are qualified to clean industrial waste?

The industrial cleaning service is a specialized operation that involves the treatment of hazardous materials. You should only hire experienced companies with the necessary resources, both for cleaning and for the subsequent treatment of waste.

At ECODEAL, all work is carried out and inspected by qualified professionals who guarantee all safety conditions in each situation, depending on the type of material.


Does ECODEAL offer integrated waste management services?

CIRVER ECODEAL has 8 waste treatment units. This installed operational capacity, allows our company not only to combine the best existing technologies at an affordable price but also to offer our clients the best solution and destination for each type of waste.

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How long will my business activity stop, during the cleaning process?

ECODEAL knows that quick work is an essential point and will try to minimise the downtime.

We design a quick and efficient cleaning plan, without jeopardizing the quality of the service, and aware that industrial cleaning is essential for you to be able to comply with environmental quality standards.


Who is responsible for the waste generated during the cleaning process?

The producer and/or holder of the waste is always responsible for finding the best destination for hazardous materials. For this reason, it is important to hire an experienced and certified partner, preferably an operator that provides integrated solutions.

ECODEAL carries out professional and efficient cleaning, and also provides the service of collection, transportation and recovery or treatment of waste in specialized units for this purpose.

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