Physical and Chemical Treatment Unit

Physical and Chemical Treatment Unit

The purpose of this facility is to treat liquid waste, primarily in aqueous phase by chemical reactions such as oxidation-reduction, neutralisation, precipitation; followed by physical processing, for example, the rupture of emulsions, decantation or filtration. These reactions make it possible to obtain an effluent that can be reused or sent to other treatments and sludge where the contaminants are retained. After analysis this sludge is sent to stabilisation or landfill.

Type of residues managed at Physical and Chemical Treatment Unit:

  • Laboratory effluent;
  • Liquid waste contaminated with chromium;
  • Liquid waste contaminated with heavy metals;
  • Liquid waste contaminated with cyanides;
  • Acids and pickling bases;
  • Electroplating baths;
  • Fixing and revelation baths;
  • Dampening water;
  • Phosphating waters.
Capacity licensed under L.A. (Environmental Licence) no. 31/2006: 8.600 tonnes/year1

1) The mentioned capacity could be increased when the resolution of environmental liabilities or other specific, non-inventoried situations are at stake.

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