Waste Packaging and Storage

Waste Packaging and Storage

Store the waste resulting from your company's activity at appropriate places, with suitable containers, and in 100% safe conditions. Find at ECODEAL a duly licensed partner with the necessary means for the correct packaging of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

What is Waste Packaging and Storage?

The packaging and storage of hazardous waste is an extremely important step in the industrial waste management process.

A poorly packed or stored waste, in an inappropriate place or container, is a risk to the environment and public health.

Good packaging practices:

  • Avoid water, soil, and air pollution;
  • Prevent damage to fauna and / or flora;
  • Eliminate noise and odors;
  • Avoid damage to places of interest and the landscape;
  • Promote the safety of the professionals involved.

ECODEAL offers a packaging method identification process that is rigorous and adapted to each scenario. 

We also have specialized infrastructures to safely store hazardous and non-hazardous waste produced by your industry, following the process of valorization, treatment, or disposal.

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Why should you choose ECODEAL?

ECODEAL is qualified to carry out the storage of hazardous waste. We have the right infrastructure and equipment to comply with different kinds of waste, considering their physicochemical characteristics.

Our CIRVER (Integrated Center for the Recovery, Valorization, and Disposal of Hazardous Waste) has a high storage capacity and also:

  • Covered waste treatment units, preventing contact with other elements, such as rain, for example;
  • Completely waterproofed platform;
  • Retention basins.

The proximity to the client and the quick and competent response to their problems distinguish our company from the competition.

ECODEAL works with rigor and complies with all legal obligations.

Certificates of Integrated Management Systems for Quality,
Environment and Safety

Certificação ISO 45001
AENOR Empresa Certificada
AENOR Gestão Ambiental
IQNET Certificado

Difference between Waste Packaging and Storage

The packaging consists of preparing the waste in a sanitary way and compatible with the type and quantity of waste that will be treated.

The quality of the packaging makes it possible to avoid accidents, the proliferation of vectors, and to minimize the visual and olfactory impact.

Storage is the temporary containment of waste in an appropriate location and away from areas susceptible to contamination, such as water or areas sensitive to adverse weather conditions.

Types of Waste Storage

This distinction is useful to clarify the need (or not) for licensing, according to the law.

There are 2 types of storage:

  • Preliminary storage of waste, before being transported to a waste treatment and recovery facility - does not require licensing;
  • Storage before treatment - requires licensing and must be carried out by a duly accredited company with its facilities for this purpose.

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FAQ about Waste Packaging and Storage


Is it necessary to label waste during temporary storage?

Hazardous waste must be packaged and labeled according to national, EU, and international standards during collection, transport, and storage.

Contact ECODEAL in case of doubts about the process or if you need a packaging/storage service.


I do not have the necessary requirements to store the waste produced by my industry. What should I do?

ECODEAL aims to facilitate the operations of its clients, providing the packaging of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. This service can be done on a leasing or monthly rental basis, with packaging at the production site or your waste park.


Do I need special conditions to store my waste before transport?

Storage conditions may vary depending on the type of waste. You can create a unit in your company prepared to store waste, however, it involves complex processes, permanent supervision, and high costs. It also needs a considerable area, ideally located near a discharge area, with a high ventilation capacity and specific containers for each type of waste.

The simplest and most secure solution is to hire a specialized operator.


What guarantees should I look for in a waste storage company?

Look for a company with experience, infrastructures (like a CIRVER), and professionals specialized in handling waste.

Get information about the company's licensing and certifications. The company must have a history of good environmental practices and rigor in the process of valorization and/or disposal of hazardous waste.

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