Stabilisation Unit

Stabilisation Unit

This unit is located in a 2178m2 nave and consists of three areas: reception and discharge of waste, addition of reagents and storage of stabilised sludge. The purpose of this installation is to ensure the immobilisation of the hazardous components of waste through processes that physically absorb, encapsulate and change the physical and chemical form of the contaminant component for subsequent landfilling.

Type of residues managed at Stabilisation Unit:

  • Oily sludge;
  • Press filter sludge;
  • Soils and sand contaminated with heavy metals;
  • Residual waste water and residual and industrial waste water treatment sludge;
  • Fly ash;
  • Pickling sands;
  • Solid waste from the removal of paint and varnish.
Capacity licensed under L.A. (Environmental Licence) no. 31/2006: 51.550 tonnes/year1

 1) The mentioned capacity could be increased when the resolution of environmental liabilities or other specific, non-inventoried situations are at stake.

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