Organic Waste Treatment Unit

Organic Waste Treatment Unit

The purpose of the organic waste treatment unit facility is to treat liquid/aqueous waste with organic content. though various physical and chemical processes such as: centrifugation, gravity separation, stripping and evapo-condensation. Those processes allow to separate the organic fraction (sent to co-incineration), the solid fraction (sludge) and the adqueous fraction that is sent for biological treatment and is reused as process or irrigation water.

Type of residues treated:

  • Oily water;
  • Waste with hydrocarbons;
  • Fats;
  • Oils;
  • Emulsions;
  • Washing liquids;
  • Waste from oil/water separators.

Capacity licensed under L.A. (Environmental Licence) no. 31/2006: 22.000 tonnes/year1

 1) The mentioned capacity could be increased when the resolution of environmental liabilities or other specific non-inventoried situations are at stake.

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