Environmental Emergency Intervention

Environmental Emergency Intervention

Quick response in cases of environmental emergency is the only solution that minimizes the impact and limits damage to humans and the environment. ECODEAL has the equipment, specialised personnel, and management tools to circumscribe and control all types of environmental incidents.

What is Environmental Emergency Intervention?

An environmental emergency is the result of a disaster or accident that causes or threatens to cause damage to the environment and/or public health.

The causes of these disasters can be different, but they have a common denominator: the release of hazardous and noxious substances.

A spill of hydrocarbons or other dangerous substances, with consequent pollution of soil and water, are recurrent causes that constitute situations of environmental emergency.

In these cases, it is required to have an agile response with the appropriate means.

Environmental Disaster Intervention Procedures

Environmental accidents can be caused by nature, but, in most cases, they result from human-induced factors.

The first step is to assess the problem, identify the extent of the incident and identify the type of hazardous substances involved and the associated risks.

Then, resolving a disaster involves a set of procedures:

  1. Restrain the accident;
  2. Minimize the impact and deal with the consequences;
  3. Find the appropriate destination for the waste (valorization, treatment or disposal).

Risks and Consequences of Environmental Disasters

Most of the products around us are the result of an industrial process - clothes, smartphones or fuel are just a few examples. Some of these products are produced using dangerous substances.

With industrialization, the factories became bigger and the production processes more complex.

The volume of hazardous materials and waste transported and stored increased by the same proportion.

When an environmental accident occurs, the severity of the consequences depends on several factors, such as:

  • Type of substances and their characteristics;
  • Amounts involved;
  • Location of the factory (populated or not) or the accident;
  • The vulnerability of the location where the incident occurred;
  • Promptness and quality of response.

There is no way to predict the possibility of an accident to occur. The only certainty is that a quick response to an environmental emergency reduces the damage to public health and the environment.

It is necessary to have a partner with the capacity to stop this sudden threat. 

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Why should you choose ECODEAL?

ECODEAL is qualified to act and respond in environmental emergencies, such as:

  • Spills or leakage of hazardous waste;
  • Fires;
  • Road accidents or collisions;
  • Among other situations.

We have partners with the means and resources to enable an adequate and quick intervention, according to the safety standards.

Waste from Environmental Emergency Interventions Destination

The waste generated, as a result of an environmental emergency, is sent to CIRVER ECODEAL, a highly specialized unit that:

  • It has the appropriate treatment for different types of waste;
  • It has the necessary storage capacity to receive waste from these situations in a short time.

Each company is responsible for developing an internal environmental policy - especially when dealing with hazardous or noxious substances. This means that you must adopt preventive measures, but also have the necessary resources to respond to an environmental emergency.

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FAQ about Environmental Emergency


In the event of an environmental disaster, what should I do?

According to Decree-Law no. 73/2011, of June 17th, the responsible for the accident is obliged to remove its causes and restore the situation as it was before the accident.  It must activate the emergency mechanisms, communicate the occurrence to the security forces and proceed to immediate intervention.


By establishing a partnership with ECODEAL, you have all the support and the necessary means to contain and minimize the impacts of contamination.


What can be considered an environmental emergency?

An environmental emergency is a sudden threat resulting from an incident that jeopardizes public health and the environment. This threat can result from natural or human-induced factors, such as the spillage of hazardous waste, explosions, the release of noxious gases, among others.


All of these situations require a quick and effective response, not only to contain the accident but to minimize the consequences of the event.


Why should I invest in a partnership for environmental emergencies?

The resources to deal with these types of disasters are complex, involving advanced technology and specialized professionals.

In the event of an environmental accident, by having a partner like ECODEAL, you can act quickly and, if possible, reverse environmental impacts.


How does ECODEAL guarantee that the waste resulting from an environmental disaster will have an appropriate destination?

Our waste management unit can quickly store large amounts of products, offering our clients an integrated solution.

The residues resulting from environmental rescue operations are sent to CIRVER. In this process, we respect the hierarchy and try to value the materials, whenever possible.

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