Hazardous waste – Prospective assessment of evolution

On the 26th of January 2018, a presentation on the diagnosis and foresight of hazardous waste in Portugal took place on the auditorium of the Portuguese environmental agency. Both APA and the Cirver Observatory participated in the presentation and we were also able to count with the presence of the Secretary of State for the Environment.


On a global analysis of the performance of hazardous waste management workers, we were able to conclude that from 2009 to 2015 there has been an increase of over 3% of hazardous waste, therefore also resulting in a decrease of the quantitative eliminated in landfills.


In comparison to 2014’s community averages provided by the European Commission, we are able to verify that Portugal presents an above average performance, being that the national valorization rate is of 48% whilst the european average is of 45%. It is also worth mentioning that the entrance of hazardous waste by cross-border movements has gained significant weight in the last few years, however, when it comes to the exit of hazardous waste from the country, it is negligible, since Portugal is nowadays self-sufficient in the treatment of this type of waste.


During the event, a prediction of the evolution of hazardous waste production and use of the corresponding cirver (landfill) was presented, which allowed us to conclude that the current available capacity of CIRVER landfills will be compromised by the year 2024 if we deposit hazardous waste derived from current activities, from the resolution of environmental liabilities as well as international. Or by 2030 if we only deposit hazardous waste derived from current activities.


This conclusion is in line with what Ecodeal defends, and with what motivated the request for the renewal of the Cirver exploitation license under Decree-law 3/2004.


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