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ECODEAL is now finishing the sealing of cell number 4 of the landfill of hazardous wastes. The criteria for the design and sizing of this construction as well as other important elements are stipulated according to specialized studies and approved by the issued Environmental Permit.

This sealing has the following characteristics:

  • Layer of regularization and impermeability with selected silt/clay material from the excavation site in order to waterproof and obtain the needed morphology for the sealing surface of the landfill.
  • Layer of protection against punctures using a geotextile from the thermoplastic polypropylene, non-woven, needled, with 500g/m2, for the protection of the neomembrane of PEAD plastic (High Density Polyethylene).
  • Artificial waterproofing barrier composed by a 2.0mm thick PEAD neomembrane. This component is textured on both sides, welded to the already existing blade of slope impermeabilization, installed during the construction of the cell.
  • Layer for drainage of rainwater, composed by a draining geocomposite, formed by a central geomesh of PEAD and a non-woven, needled polypropylene geotextile.
  • Layer of earth adequate to support plant life with 1 meter of thickness, enriched with a high amount of organic material at the surface, on the last 15 centimeters, in order to allow plant recovery works.

The application of the geosynthetic materials (protection geotextiles, geomembrane of impermeabilization and draining geocomposites) was under the responsibility of the BBF - Tecnologias do Ambiente (Environmental Technologies), a company with over 30 years of experience that has already carried out the impermeabilization of cells number 2 and 3, as well as the sealing of cell number 3. Overall, in CIRVER ECODEAL, BBF has already applied around 560.000m2 of geosynthetic materials designed for environmental protection.

See some photos of the sealing of cell 4 in ECODEAL"s landfill of hazardous wastes:

                                     residuos perigosos  residuos perigosos               

                                                       residuos perigosos

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