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An environmental emergency is the result of an environmental disaster being a threat to public health and ecosystems. The causes of environmental emergencies may be different, but they have a common denominator: the release of hazardous substances. An oil spill or other hazardous products spills, with consequent pollution of soil and water, are recurring causes that shape environmental emergencies and naturally require a quick and specialised intervention.



ECODEAL is able to act and intervene in environmental emergencies, particularly in spills, fires, road accidents, among other emergencies.

We have partners with the means and resources that enable an adequate and rapid intervention, according to safety standards. With regard to waste generated as a result of an environmental emergency situation, the ECODEAL CIRVER provides the correct treatment for the waste, having the storage capacity necessary to receive the waste from these emergencies in a short period of time.

For environmental emergencies choose ECODEAL, contacting us via the various means available.


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