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descontaminação solos


Soil is a precious resource. Contamination of the soil poses a danger to public health and to the environment itself if soil decontamination is, of course, neglected.

Soil decontamination is the only solution that ensures the appropriate level of environmental and public health protection.

Regarding to soil decontamination, ECODEAL has the experience and technical expertise that enables us to provide services that include the preparation of decontamination and/or remediation projects, the monitoring and supervision of work and the preparation of technical reports.

descontaminação solos


After identifying the conceptual model of contamination, it is possible to define the most appropriate remediation method. The choice depends on factors such as:

  • Type of land;
  • Type of contaminants;
  • Best technologies available for the type of contamination;
  • Future use of the land;
  • Cost and duration of the operations.

Through our experience and know-how, the ECODEAL CIRVER can offer a wide range of in-situ and ex-situ remediation options.

The CIRVER is an Integrated Centre for the Recovery and Disposal of Hazardous Wastes.

The legal provisions resulting from the Law Decrete no. 3/2004 of January the 3rd, which established the legal framework for the licensing of the installation and operation of such establishments, require that the CIRVER holds several units of support for the treatment of hazardous waste. One of these units deals precisely with soil decontamination.

One of several possible solutions that we can offer our clients is already in operation in Chamusca (CIRVER) in its soil decontamination unit (UDS).

For more information contact our commercial department.

descontaminação solos


The methods for the treatment or remediation of contaminated soil can be classified in two ways:

“In-situ” remediation – This remediation can be performed on site. In these cases, the contaminated material is treated on the spot, without recourse to its mobilisation and removal.

“Ex-situ” remediation – This remediation is carried out off site. This method always involves the removal, which is carried out through excavation (of soils) and pumping (of water), as well as the respective transport to the treatment unit, the ECODEAL CIRVER .

If you are looking for a suitable solution for soil decontamination, don’t hesitate and contact us now.

We have a team whose human and technical skills are known and recognized. ECODEAL can help you select the best method of treatment of contaminated soils, thus allowing their future use in a context suitable for both public health and the environment.


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