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specialised TeChNICal waste management

The management of hazardous waste includes the collection, recovery and/or treatment and/or disposal of waste which, when handled improperly, can result in serious problems for public health and the environment. This is why it is necessary to use a specialised service for this purpose.

The services provided by ECODEAL are not limited to the ECODEAL CIRVER. ECODEAL provides its customers with hazardous waste management solutions in order to provide an adequate response to their needs.


ECODEAL’s waste management technical services

ECODEAL has specialised experts who can travel to the customer’s premises to perform technical support services, namely:

  • Waste transfer operations through a pump;
  • Tank loading operations;
  • Repackaging of waste in pallets, boxes, among other options, to enable the transport operations to be carried out safely;
  • Monitoring of loads with labelling and completion of the applicable legal documentation, namely Waste Monitoring Guides and Way Bills;
  • Placement of packaging/containerisation appropriate to each type of waste, duly labelled;
  • Others.

Whenever requested, ECODEAL can offer its customers the management of their waste park by the placement of specialised staff with specific training.

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