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The purpose of this unit is to recover packaging through reuse or recycling of the material. For this purpose, the unit has two flushing lines, one for 1000-litre plastic containers and one for 200-litre metal drums. It also has a plastic packaging grinding line that makes it possible to obtain grounded material that is subsequently recycled.

Type of residues managed at Contaminated Packaging Recovery Unit:

  • Contaminated packaging: jerricanes, drums, 1m3 containers;
  • Metal packages;
  • Plastic packages.

Capacity licensed under L.A. (Environmental Licence) no. 31/2006

Amount of waste managed in 2015 in the Contaminated Package Recovery Unit

2100 tonnes/year1

721 tonnes

(1) The referred capacity could be increased when the resolution of environmental liabilities or other specific, not inventoried situations are at stake.


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