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The facility has 8 waste treatment units: Classification, Screening and Transfer Unit, Soil Decontamination Unit, Contaminated Packaging Recovery Unit, Organic Waste Treatment Unit, Unit for the Preparation of Alternative Fuels, Physical and Chemical Treatment Unit, Stabilisation Unit and Industrial Waste Landfill.

The laboratory ensures proper waste characterisation prior to its admission to the facility and internal routing upon receipt.

Waste Treatment Units

Classification, Sorting and Transfer Unit
Soil Decontamination Unit
Contaminated Packaging Recovery Unit
Organic Waste Treatment Unit
Physical and Chemical Treatment Unit
Unit for the Preparation of Alternative Fuels
Stabilisation Unit
Industrial Waste Landfill


This document changed the way Ecodeal works. The types of waste received in the classification unit serve only as an example.

Changing the frequency of the monitoring of atmospheric emissions is one of the key changes mentioned in this 2nd Endorsement.

The environmental licence establishes a series of standards that Ecodeal should always respect, including the use of the best techniques currently available.

The unit for the preparation of alternative fuels is added to the units listed in the Environmental License, among other relevant changes.

This license is valid for the entire national territory and lists the operating rules, such as safeguarding of water and air quality.


This is a set of documents that guarantees the quality of Ecodeal’s operations, recognised by leading organisations in the sector.

  • CIRVER’s General Operation Rules

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