Ecodeal decides to launch a version of their site in English

ECODEAL has decided to launch an English version of its site so as to advertise their services abroad. Reading and browsing is made easier by the clean design of the start page, which in just a few words sets out the services that ECODEAL has to offer.

All users can quickly find out about the various aspects of ECODEAL’s work and the different units that constitute the Chamusca facility.

On the homepage you can see the facts and figures for 2015. The layout is straightforward and the information deals with issues such as the utilisation rates of reused packaging and the consumption of treated wastewater.

In addition to summarising the Company’s certification background, the Site contains news about ECODEAL, a section with endorsements from satisfied customers and a gallery of videos showing the work of the ECODEAL team.

The start page also emphasises the close relations between ECODEAL and its (future) customers: not only can you subscribe directly to the newsletter, but you only need to fill in six registration fields to get in touch with ECODEAL professionals.

Ecodeal en site

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