Waste management with ECODEAL and E-GAR’s

ECODEAL is currently going through the process of adapting its practices to the waited dematerialization of the Waste Accompaniment Docket, with the partner F5IT - Information Technologies, one of SAGE’s key partners.

This development will allow the complete integration of ECODEAL’s annual activity concerning the registration of incoming waste data and the confirmation of data when the waste is received in ECODEAL. All this work will be integrated within the platform developed by the Portuguese Environmental Agency and in strict legal compliance.

This process aims at the optimization of document and waste management as well as the development of necessary tools for a better interaction between the user and the dematerialized data.

ECODEAL and F5IT are now working to anticipate the processes of legal compliance hand in hand with the necessities of our clients.

Below you may verify part of this work:

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