Ecodeal participates in a seminar waste management

On 18 April, Ecodeal led the seminar “Laboratory Waste Management”, held at the António Xavier Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology (ITQB). Represented by Margarida Marques, Customer Management specialising in waste management, ECODEAL warned that waste disposal is one of the biggest problems of our society due to the consequences on health, on the environment and on business life. Contaminated soil and water resources are the main concerns.

ECODEAL showed the correct way to manage the Laboratory’s waste and the correct form of stowing them as well as how to properly separate waste at its source for effective management, which represents an added value and should be carried out in safety.

According to the ITQB, Ecodeal’s contribution to the seminar was important in order to bring about a greater understanding and awareness of all those working in the laboratory on the importance of waste management and hence the importance of a more effective and appropriate separation of the physico-chemical characteristics of each residue. Nevertheless, the Institute recognises that the Portuguese are increasingly aware of the need to recover waste and to carry out a selective collection for greater environmental protection.

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