ECODEAL’s anniversary: 9 years managing waste

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2017-06-05-PHOTO-00000887On the 6th of June, ECODEAL celebrated 9 years of activity. ECODEAL, with almost one decade of existence, has in fact reasons to celebrate. The last 12 months resulted in a steady growth, mostly due to great effort and teamwork.

ECODEAL stands out in the area of waste management, as it provides the best and most recent technologies for the correct treatment of industrial waste. The fact that it has a motivated team, committed to present the most suitable solutions to their client’s needs is also a reason for its success.

ECODEAL took advantage of the day it blew out the 9 candles of its birthday cake in order to acknowledge the work developed by its workers, wishing that, in the following years, the team continues to contribute actively to the quality of waste management in Portugal’s industries.


ECODEAL’s anniversary:

ECODEAL’s anniversary cake:

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