The removal of green pyrites in the Barreiro Business Park

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Ecodeal has begun work on the removal of green pyrites at the Barreiro Business Park on 22 March.

Approximately 17,000 tons are expected to be removed and treated, with the main goal of protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency.

Current deposition conditions are considered to be a potential source of environmental contamination and risk to human health and / or ecosystems.

Ecodeal is convinced that it will contribute to the resolution of this environmental liability and consequent prevention of risks to human health and ecosystems.


Cartaz obra vms


Remoção de 17000 toneladas de terra


Remoção de resíduos, fonte de contaminação ambienta


Contribuição para resolução ambiental e redução de riscos para a saúde pública


Ecodeal na contribuição para a resolução do passivo ambiental



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