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"Sustainable synergies" feeds on the premise of the importance of partnerships, the environmental future, the importance of waste management for sustainability and preservation of the environment, where the win-win model is present in this promise. Sustainability requires this same balance of roles, movements and consciousness in an activity with such a direct relationship with the environment and its preservation, thus appealing to the safe management of the environment. More than the promise of sustainable solutions that quickly becomes indistinguishable, in a market where environmental responsibility policies are common and increasingly present in the companies' promises, ECODEAL will be the company that promises to establish sustainable synergies. This promise ensures that the ECODEAL customer not only complies with the law but will help simplify all the processes inherent to the collection, recovery or disposal of the waste he produces by becoming more efficient and environmentally sustainable.


ECODEAL embodies the following values in the relationship with our customers:


ECODEAL has a close relationship with all customers and is available to assist them in any matter. This proximity makes us an informal company that pays our clientes a lot of attention. Relationships are the differentiating factor that provide huge support to our client base.


ECODEAL makes everything simpler, easier to understand and to do. Simplicity is an attitude, both in processes and in the form of communication. When customers need a solution, we look for ways to simplify the treatment to handle their issues.


ECODEAL defends environmental security as the basis for the management of all processes and operations in which we are involved. As part of our activity and as the holder of the CIRVER, we play a key role in the recovery and elimination of hazardous waste entrusted to us for environmental sustainability and preservation. Safety is therefore an intrinsic value to our activity and culture, which is promoted in a naturally proactively manner in the form of raising awareness and providing solutions.

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